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Kathy Turkell

Qualifying Broker/Realtor
NMLS #19760


(575) 520-4110

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Kathy Turkell's extensive knowledge and experience in residential real estate provides her a unique view of real estate market trends which she shares with her clients to help them make decisions for their needs and desires. Kathy has been involved in the real estate industry since 1984 and currently owns several investment properties.

Based in Las Cruces, New Mexico, Kathy is the expert to help you with all your home buying and selling needs in the areas of Sonoma Ranch, Los Colinas, Jornada, East Mesa, Picacho Hills and the all of Dona Ana County.

Kathy started Bright Skies Realty LLC, based in Las Cruces, in August of 2017

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Marie Holguin

Associate Broker / Realtor

NMLS #49896


 (575) 639-2203 

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Marie Holguin is a great asset to Bright Skies Realty LLC. She  began  honing her skills in Guest/Customer Services while in retail management over 15 years ago. She worked as an Education Assistant and Grant Facilitator for Las Cruces Public Schools. Her past duties have created value and respect for the importance of proper ethics and communication . These qualities are a perfect fit in the Real Estate Industry which as been her focus since obtaining her license in April 2016. Let Marie assist you in the purchase or sale of your home.

Being raised in New Mexico, Marie is the expert to help you with all your home buying and selling needs in the areas of Sonoma Ranch, Los Colinas, Jornada, East Mesa, Picacho Hills and the all of Dona Ana County. 

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Massiel Felix

Associate Broker / Realtor

NMLS # 51670

 (575) 621-0555 

Se Habla Espanol

Massiel Felix  a realtor with a passion for helping clients soar through their fears and hurdles in Real Estate deals. Massiel and her husband have been residing in the beautiful city of Las Cruces since 2005. In 2006, they jointly open a restaurant business called, β€˜Habanero’s Fresh Mex, LLC’, which continues to thrive thanks to this tremendous community.

She discovered her passion for Real estate in 2008, and in 2017 had the opportunity to pursue her own career goal. She is delighted to be an associate broker with Bright Skies Realty LLC, - a real estate solutions company founded on the basis of professionalism and dedicated to helping others in pursuing their own person goals when buying and selling real estate.

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Debbie Schultz

Associate Broker / Realtor

NMLS #52686

(575) 496 - 4355

 Se Habla Espanol 


Debbie Schultz was born in New Mexico and moved to California at the age of seven.  She is the mother of two adult sons, Travis and Skyler.  She has lived in several other states, but always found her way back here to the Land of Enchantment; returning to Las Cruces, New Mexico in 1999.  In 2001, wanting to provide stability while raising her sons, Debbie realized her dream of being a home owner which is one of the most satisfying experiences for the whole family. Debbie is passionate about helping others take the journey to owning their own home.

Debbie’s degree in Computer Technology has been a great asset while raising her family leading her to positions in Medical Billing and Collections and Insurance Sales. These jobs have given Debbie the opportunity to establish great rapport with the Las Cruces community.   

A career in Real Estate is something Debbie has always dreamed of doing. She is so excited to enter this new phase of her life as an Associate Broker with Bright Skies Realty LLC.  

Debbie Schultz would love to help YOU sell and/or buy a new home and be delighted to be of service to you and your family.